Rules to discipline a teen girl

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Residential Treatment Centers Troubled Boys. Teenagers are a handful -- and then some! Teaching discipline to a troubled teen can be particularly frustrating when he's apathetic to the consequences or punishments for non-compliance.

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The teen years are notoriously challenging for parents. Much like the toddler years, kids sometimes seem intent on doing exactly the opposite of what we ask. And for some of the same reasons: Their job now is to find their sea legs as a person, to shape an identity, to sort out what's important to them.

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It can be frustrating when your child does not listen to you, or does things you don't agree with. Teenagers are dealing with a lot of emotions and are often going through many physical and emotional changes. It can be difficult to make sure that you and your teen are on the some page.

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Many parents tell me that nothing seems to work, and that coming up with the right thing for their child can seem like an impossible task. Rather, an effective consequence should encourage your child to change his behavior — whether that is abiding by the house rules, or treating people respectfully. So first, you need to identify the behavior you want to change. Instead of grounding or punishingor even reasoning with your child when she gets angry and lashes out, an effective consequence here would require your child to practice better behavior — and improve her self-control — for a period of time before her normal privileges are restored.

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October 12, by middleearthnj. Adolescence can be a difficult phase in life to navigate. Defying the wishes of their parents or other authority figures and testing limits is a normal part of growing up for teens.

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While some aspects of discipline change as your child moves into the to year-old range, it is important to realize that these teens still need the security of enforced limits and that they are still dependent upon you in many ways, despite their adult-like appearance or independence. This process is made easier if you have been able to maintain a reasonable connection with your teenager. The more engaged you are in his or her life, the more likely some of these issues can actually be talked through with positive results.

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Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. Surviving Your Child's Adolescence.

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This is the point of view of my year-old daughter. Although she is frequently annoyed when I try to gather what I consider basic information — about where she's going, who's driving, and what the plan is for getting home — I know she is also relieved that someone is watching out for her. Discipline — or, to use today's more popular phrase, setting limits — takes on a whole new meaning when your child hits adolescence.

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One of the difficulties of raising teenage children is achieving the right balance between love and discipline; liberties and limitations; and, independence and responsibility. Too much love and support is smothering and interpersonally intrusive. Insufficient love and support is a form of abandonment.

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Logan Tucker had agreed to check in with her mom or dad, Amy and Steven, at the end of each school day. Yet, every afternoon, Amy would return home from work to an empty house—no note and no phone call. Like many parents of teenagers, Amy and Steven wish that they had been clearer with their expectations and more consistent with imposing consequences. The shift into adolescence is a good opportunity to change the rules and consequences for your teenagers.


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