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By contributing writer Niles Hodgman. Beer pong, Beirut, Lob Pong, Scud. Many of us spend our weekend even weekday nights playing this wonderful game, but little know of its origins and history.

Players team up for competitive two-on-two beer pong, trying to shoot ping pong balls into their opponents cups from across the table in this turn-based game. Two teams of two face each other from accross the table. Cups are filled with beer and arranged in three rows, in a triangle-forming manner, with the point facing the opposing team see picture.

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Musta Had a Good Time. Sorry for Party Rocking. I Like It Like That.

It is the final round of a beer pong championship, sponsored by a maker of portable beer pong tables, and all across the bar, as one team scores points, the other happily guzzles beer. If you lose, you drink. There's no negative. Drinking games have been around since Dionysus.

How do you do College? Flip Cup. Beer Pong.

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Flip cup, quarters, presidents, fuzzy duck, chandeliers, beer pong: the names and varieties of drinking games are limited only by the determination of college students to create innovative ways to drink themselves into a stupor. Games can test motor or verbal skills, rely on gambling, or are sometimes as straightforward as taking a shot of beer once a minute for an hour. Up to three-fourths of college students participate in drinking games.

This past weekend provided us with some more celebrity pong action. This time, not even the Secret Service could keep the photos from surfacing all over the internet! Seventeen-year-old, Malia Obama, was spotted at a Brown University party knocking down cups on a beer pong table at a dorm party.

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References in periodicals archive? The interiors are thoroughly modern as well, with dark walls, neon lights and huge TV screens, perfect for chilling out while waiting for your turn at the beer pong table. There'll also be a free drink on arrival, Polyjuice shots and magical cocktails to enjoy, as well as the Quidditch beer pong.

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College is all about consuming ridiculous amounts of inexpensive booze. Anyone who disagrees with this statement, is quite possibly worse than Hitler — or probably owns an exorbitant amount of cats. And honestly, when is the last time Hitler or the crazy cat lady from down the street was invited for a frat kegger?

Four drinking straws together weigh. One and a half wooden pencils weigh. A plastic spoon and a plastic fork together weigh.


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